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BIT of Sweden is the brand that offers exclusive, stylish and functional business and laptop bags for the person with high standards. Our goal is that our bags will give you a winning combination of business-computer and handbag in one. We want to create bags for the needs and wishes and we follow the changes in time.

The name BIT has three meanings. First, the BIT symbols that all of our bags are provided with a protected compartment for iPad and / or computer (a bit is the smallest unit of information in computers). BIT also symbolize "A bit of Swedish Design" and last but not least, we want the bags to be rejected as "A BIT of you". "

BIT of Sweden want to give the customers the opportunity to buy our bags, both in established bag stores, in clothing stores or in the BIT's own Web shop.
A Bit of Sweden, Sibyllegatan 46, 114 43 Stockholm, Sweden
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BIT of Sweden
Sibyllegatan 46
, 114 43 Stockholm

We ship all over the world!


BIT of Sweden gillar dig!

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